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Smartcards in various forms and magnetic cards have long become part of our everyday life.


Various applications such as payphones, POS, vending, communication, health, access control, fuel-dispensing, banking, parking and many others are deployed successfully only with the most versatile and dependable source of readers.

Involved with the development and manufacturing of such readers, we are able to provide an extensive range of different types of readers for your exact requirements.

Manual operated smartcard and magnetic readers or hybrid units, including motorized kinds are available.

EMV compliant terminals for credit/debit functions and card-based loyalty schemes are available in desktop and portable/mobile versions.

In addition, our contactless readers are low maintenance with high reliability offered in various technology from close-couple (ISO 10536), Proximity (ISO 14443 type A or B) to Vicinity types (ISO 15693).


ESL850 is a multifunction card reader & writer which perfectly combine the function of magnetic card reading, IC card / SAM card reading & writing and also customer personal information & password inputting, build standard hardware platform for reading/writing contact logic encryption card and COS operation of CPU card.

Click here to download the datasheet.

ESL2200 multifunctional keyboard is an all-in-one terminal keyboard which integrates magnetic stripe & smart card technology, ideal for highly secure electronic debit transaction, user identification or password memory in banks, securities and POS system.

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ESL2230 integrated smart card reader with keyboard, it is very compacted and suitable for many application related with smart card.

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ESL3000 / ESL3200 Universal IC Card Reader

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ESL4010 is high-tech product integrated fingerprint identification, IC card and keypad (encryption/non-encryption) technology, applicable for banks, securities market, and POS terminals, etc.

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